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    WordPress Update Service Ballina, Co. Mayo

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We’ve been providing a Full Turnkey Service since 2002 From WordPress Developing, Deploying, Marketing, Hosting to Maintaining Content Management Websites

1200+ Website Developments 

680+ Hosted and Managed Accounts

2 Decades Experience

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WordPress Update Service, Co. Mayo

WordPress Update Service, Co. Mayo

2 decades experience 500+ clients
WordPress Hosting, Co. Mayo

WordPress Hosting, Co. Mayo

Dedicated WordPress Website Hosting.
Social Media Services, Co. Mayo

Social Media Services, Co. Mayo

Social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner Large-Scale XSS Campaign

There has been an increase in attacks targeting a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner, a WordPress plugin installed on over 40,000 sites. The vulnerability, which was fully patched in January in version 2.10.2, o…

Unlock the Full Potential of Your WordPress Site with Regular Maintenance: Keep It Secure, Stable, and High-Performing!

Every WordPress site requires maintenance to ensure that it remains secure, stable, and performing optimally. WordPress is a constantly evolving platform, and updates are regularly released to fix bugs, add new features, and improve security….

W3 Eden’s Download Manager plugin – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability

On April 25, 2023, our team identified and began the responsible disclosure process for a stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in W3 Eden’s Download Manager plugin, which is actively installed on more than 100,000 WordPress websites, m…

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