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WordPress Services

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WordPress Web Design, WordPress Update Services, Hosting, WordPress SEO Services and Social Media Services

WordPress Web Design Costs

Only pay for what you really need. If you are just starting out and need a simple website showcasing your business

WordPress Update Services

Our website maintenance services provide businesses with a cost-effective solution to access skilled internet professionals without the need to hire full-time employees. Our team ensures your website stays updated with the latest technology and security measures, saving you time and money. Regularly updating WordPress plugins is crucial for enhancing security and performance, minimising hacking risks, and improving user experience. Our services are customisable to fit your needs and budget, offering you the expertise of experienced professionals in website maintenance and management. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit your business.

WordPress Hosting

We’re not big into showing loads of hosting package options, we prefer to provide the right hosting for the right type of WordPress Website.

We provide speed, security, and reliability which are all important factors that you need to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting. A unique selling point (USP) is All our WordPress Hosting Packages include include Website Maintenance Service.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (often abbreviated to SEO) refers to the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a Website from search engines. A site that has been optimised according to SEO practices is said to be Search Engine Friendly (often abbreviated to SEF). With improvements made to a website’s content, images, and Links, its structure will improve rankings on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ananzi, Ask Jeeves and Altavista. The main benchmark when measuring success is done by the examination of Meta Tags, content, domain names, domain age, link popularity, page rank (Google’s page ranking algorithm) and website popularity.

Social Media Services

In today’s digital landscape, having a strong presence on social media is essential for businesses. With the majority of consumers relying on social platforms for communication, businesses must adapt by establishing and maintaining a social media presence. At WordPress Update Services, we specialize in social media management and understand the importance of engaging with your target audience. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses connect with their customers through compelling content, proactive engagement, and real-time assistance. We focus on building meaningful relationships both with our clients and their customers to foster valuable connections and drive growth.