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Additional Add-Ons Enquiry

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Upon completion of this form, we will contact you to verify your domain, email(s), WordPress website, and confirm that you have selected the appropriate package for your website. With three decades of experience in CMS hosting and a client base of over 650 active hosting clients, we consider your account more than just a number. We value building strong relationships and comprehending our clients' requirements.

Domain Details

Additional Add-ons


  • Akeeba Admin €50.00
    Perform maintenance tasks. Protection against hackers. Optimise your site. All in one, neat bundle. View Product
  • Akeeba Backup €50.00
    Backup, restore and transfer your WordPress blog in seconds. Based on our award-winning backup technology, trusted by thousands of users. Backup, restore and transfer any WordPress blog. View Product
  • €150.00 Tempalate Skinned
    Design of theme based on client requirments
  • €180.00 5 Page Design
    Creaing pages from supplied content and images
  • €45.00 Professional Forms
    Contact and Quotation forms
  • €15.00 Spam Filter
    reCAPTCH (tick im not a robot) service.
  • €35.00 Search Engine
    Google anlytics and Bing search engines
  • €30.00 Compliance Automation
    Setup of sitemaps and legal privacy policy
  • 1 year Website Support